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Complaint Issues

Poor Construction / Defective Building Foundation-State-owned Housing Estates:
The Office of the ombudsman receives complaints relating to poor housing infrastructure. Individuals often complain about defects (eg. the disintegration of walls) to their property due to the poor construction of houses by the relevant State Agency.  The pictures below are illustrative of such complaints.

Housing IssuesHousing IssuesHousing Issues 

Public Health Nuisances - Insanitary Conditions, Offensive Odours, Health Hazards - Residential Areas:
A public health nuisance is any occurrence that affects your health or welfare having regard to your environment, where you live, where you work and where you spend your leisure time. The influx of mosquitoes, smoke, animal kept in such a manner as to be a nuisance, and intolerable odours are all examples of a public health nuisance.  Attached, are pictures which illustrate a public health nuisance caused by the housing of animals in an area which affects the health and wellbeing of nearby residents. 

Public Health NuisancesPublic Health NuisancesPublic Health NuisancesPublic Health Nuisances 

Deplorable Road Conditions-Lack of Maintenance of Roads, Rivers and Bridges:
The effective construction and maintenance of the nation’s roads should be a top priority in all countries. Members of the public who are affected by poor road conditions (primary and secondary roads; highways; bridges etc.) seek assistance from the Ombudsman in alleviating these issues. These complaints involve having damaged roads paved and fixed or bridges repaired by the Relevant Ministry or Regional Corporation. The pictures below illustrate issues regarding roads.

Road IssuesRoad IssuesRoad IssuesRoad Issues

Poor Drainage in Residential Areas
Complaints involving inadequate drainage are frequently received by the office of the ombudsman. Individuals often complain about flooding and the potential risk of flooding to their homes and properties as a result of inadequate drainage. These issues fall under the responsibility of Regional Corporations and the relevant Ministry. These issues affect the standard and quality of living conditions of the citizenry. The pictures below are illustrative of improper/inadequate drainage which is brought to the attention of the Ombudsman.

Drainage IssuesDrainage IssuesDrainage IssuesDrainage IssuesDrainage IssuesDrainage IssuesDrainage Issues


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